Sunday, September 7, 2008

At the Generator Repair Shop

We found that our generator wouldn't run, so we are in line (at 5 PM) to be at the shop when they open at 7 AM.

John Boyd, from my 700p

See the green step stool? Well, the dogs and I have short legs and all four of us fell down the steps trying for the ground and, then, tripped up the steps trying to get back in. Met a really cute and teddy bear like Portugese Water Dog. Never saw one before. Big, very furry and friendly. About 90x the size of our 3 together. Not that that fazed Tinkerbell!


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  1. John,
    Nice to meet you a Kathleen and to see your rig close up and personal. Very nice setup!

    Good looking blog!

    Randy and Pam