Tuesday, September 16, 2008

RV Village, Mercer, PA

Beautiful campsite, once we got here this morning. We're stopping off in Mercer to visit with Skip and Cindy Barretta, friends going back to La Verne. Then, we'll head east across Pennsylvania, ending up near West Point, NY this weekend. Planning to show Kathleen a parade and football game, and she will show me some of the sights in NYC. Then, we head up to Syracuse to visit with Kathleen's mother, sisters, brothers-in-law and nephews.

John Boyd

Oh, he leaves so much out!! One, the Prius had to be towed out of here on a flatbed. Something to do with the brakes. We may or may not get out of here tomorrow. Two, I'm cold! What happened to Indian Summer? Three, he keeps opening doors, turning on fans and even had the a/c on! John, we're not in CA anymore!!


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