Thursday, October 9, 2008

Andrew Johnson & Davy Crockett

We finally got a little bit of sun and went sightseeing. Today, it was the birthplace of Davy Crockett and the home of Andrew Johnson, the 17th President.

We shared the Crockett Park and Museum with 4 buses of school children. Not surprisingly, the 3 pooches upstaged the docents explaining the Crockett artifacts and conservation. A side trip to the nearby stream was a hit with Kathleen, but not the dogs! Tiger especially hates water!

Johnson is the president that succeeded Lincoln after Lincoln was shot and who escaped impeachment conviction by one vote. It was interesting to see the museum's take on that... seems he was very much "states' rights" and against Congress' vengeful reconstruction policies toward the South. The final blow was when he fired Secretary of War Stanton who had been appointed by Lincoln. Congress said he couldn't do that; he said he could. Ergo, the impeachment. Years later the Supreme Court upheld his position.

And, this display was especially interesting to Kathleen who is a distant relative of Hannibal Hamlin who was replaced by Johnson as Vice President when Lincoln ran the 2nd time. It is also the only known campaign poster to show Lincoln without a beard.

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