Monday, October 13, 2008

Perfect Kentucky Day

We had a terrific day! A visit and pretty drive to see a covered bridge to start! It took us awhile to find the bridge. (Some parts of the drive we saw twice! No markers; you just should know where it is!) The bridge was built privately and is no longer used. Unfortunately, it is a mess of grafitti! Why? What is the point of carving or spray painting names and nasty things on this simple and graceful structure? As the photos show, the drought in Kentucky is really awful. The Elk Fork Creek is barely a trickle in some areas. And, the same is true of rivers, lakes, etc.

Then onto a restored Shaker Village. The Shakers were a really interesting group. (There are 3 left in New England, aged 85 - 90+.) It died out largely because celibacy being a big part of their religious beliefs. (Go figure!) Everyone has heard of Shaker furniture - simple and functional. Lots of innovations came from the Shakers. The site is just gorgeous and still has a quiet, spiritual feel to it. Put it on your list to visit.

The Shakers were a self-contained enclave. They wore nothing, ate nothing, used nothing, lived in nothing that the community did not produce, build or make. We also spent time looking at and listening about the Meeting House. It is a large, rectangular 3 story building. The actual meeting room has no pillars or posts. It is built and held up by "inverted trusses". All handhewn and using wood pegs and wedges - no nails. Pretty amazing! In the picture to the left, please note the stone wall in back of John. We've seen this type of stone wall all around Kentucky. The top row of stones is vertical. Very pretty!

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