Thursday, October 16, 2008

Back in Columbus, GA

Arrived back in Columbus, GA yesterday. Another great drive down from KY, including a stop in Chattanooga, TN to visit Hedi Buell, a friend of Kathleen's from Buffalo.
It has been interesting to see the "character" of the geography change from mile to mile. I can't tell the specifics, but Kathleen and I can see the differences as we drive from one area to another. Our favorite, so far, are the rolling hills of Tennessee. It is a beautiful state and nice people. It is on our return schedule...
Sunday we take the grandsons (Lance and Branden) to Stone Mountain in Atlanta for the day. We wanted to spend Monday there with them too, but their parents are spoilsports and won't let them skip school. The trip will give them a ride in the coach and us some quality time with them - away from the parents. Spending time with them is such a "trip". Yesterday Lance reminded us his birthday is in 2 weeks (11th) and informed us he wants to be an actor. Of course, that is on top of about 7 other careers. We told him to finish school and go to college or he'd wind up a waiter like the rest of the "actors" in the world! Got to see their reports cards, too! Brilliant, of course! What would you expect?
Then Tuesday, we're to Red Bay, AL to get that washer and dryer installed. Then some more sightseeing on our way to Hans and Andrea's at Ft. Leavenworth.

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