Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bryce Canyon, UT

Today was spent at Bryce Canyon National Park. What's the saying, "Half the fun is getting there." Well, John takes that seriously and asked Google for the scenic route. We wound up on an ATV trail on a somewhat iffy "road". Gotta say that little Prius takes whatever it is handed to do and just goes. (This was not our 1st backroad adventure!) Since our intent was to take a horseback tour of the park and the horses were out to pasture for the season, I guess the jostling up and down on the "trail" in the Prius was a fitting replacement.

The is no way we can describe the beauty of Bryce Canyon. It is spectacular! It is huge! No camera can convey how vast the views or how large the formations are!! It is something you have to see yourself to truly appreciate. So now some pictures....just look!

And, if you want to visit, but want to fly, not drive, this is the Bryce Canyon Airport!

And, then on our way home, we stopped at Red Canyon!!

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