Monday, November 17, 2008

Fremont Indian Park, UT

Today was a beautiful day! Sunny! Clear blue, blue sky! Just gorgeous! The perfect day to enjoy one of Utah's many, many wonders!! We went to Fremont Indian Park to see the petroglyphs. It is a beautiful place and, like most of Utah, not crowded. We hiked (with the 3 fur balls) about 1.5 miles up the hill and back. The trip up the hill was somewhat difficult. We all had to scramble up the rocks. Thank heavens we were only about 6000+ feet above sea level. Ahh, smell the fresh air. Oops, is that cat we smell - like big cat? Tiger was the first to decide to get back down the hill and FAST!!

Sometimes the petroglyphs are hard to spot and some have been damaged. (Why would someone do that!! Like we care about "Mike"!)
Another place on our return visit list!!! The views and petroglyphs are truly amazing. Utah is amazing.

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