Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Home on the Range

Now, I have to say Rock Springs, WY, is not our kinda town. It's not picturesque...kinda rough. And, this is not the prettiest RV park we've stayed in...limited amenities. BUT!!! today's ride out into the the wilds of Wyoming made up for all that! It is incredibly beautiful!! We went out to see the wild horses that are descendants of horses the Spanish left behind way back in the 1500's. The Pilot Butte Wild Horse Scenic Loop Tour! Dirt roads, very remote and just makes you want to sing "Home on the Range"!! We saw lots of horse doo-doo (there's got to be a horse in there somewhere!), 2 horses and a herd of antelope and an eagle! Oh, yeah, snow!! The "kids" weren't too thrilled about that. Their first snow!! They'd want out of the car; their feet would hit the ground and they'd want to head back. Not very adventuresome travelers! The pictures of this wonderous place will speak for themselves....

And here are the wild horses.......................................

Home on the Range wouldn't be complete without the antelope!

The ride home was just as pretty, but less snow as we went down the decline.

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