Saturday, November 29, 2008

Long Holiday Weekend

This has been pretty much a kids' holiday. Thanksgiving Day, Opa stood watched while Tess and Rennie rode their bikes....Please note Tess' finery. She dresses herself. I love the pearls! Perfect for bike riding.

Friday we 4 went to a farm for pony rides. Well, Tess & Rennie rode. I was kinda jealous. I wanted to ride, too! They also got to meet and pet guinea pigs, bunnies, a rooster named Jack, goats and Pepper the donkey who loves to have the inside of his ears rubbed. A Noah's Ark farmland version!

Oh, and a cat named Garfield and he is absolutely the fattest cat you'll ever see! HUGE!!! Then we stopped and picked up some freshly caught, steamed crab for supper. Yum! And headed back home.

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