Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halfway to Where?

The day started off beautiful! A beautiful sunrise over our personal Kansas landmark!
We left Leavenworth and headed for Nebraska. However, about halfway to our RV Park, the motor died as we pulled away from a diesel pumps at a truck stopin Rock Port MO. Several hours and many telephone calls later, we had a tow truck hook up which pulled us to a service shop in Omaha, NE. It is something to see a vehicle our size get hitched up on a tow truck and it took over an hour for the fellows to get all safe and secure. Imagine the picture of the tow truck towing a 42-ft RV and a dolly down an interstate!

We went through a tornado warning, severe thunderstorm, and HEAVY rain to get to Omaha. And that was after the horrible winds in MO. The dust "painted" our little red Prius beige and our white heads of hair were gray and stiff from the dust... nevermind the film of dust over everything in the coach. We parked for the night in the Cummins lot and will see what the service guys can do in the morning!

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