Saturday, November 8, 2008

Finally - Blue Sky

This arch is over I-80 as we head west. Cold day, but we got to Ogallala, NE. Will stop here for a day or so watching the weather. The arch is the Great Platte River Arch, is privately owned and chronicles Nebraska's history & growth. It was installed in 2000 in ONE night! All 1,500 tons and 309 feet in ONE piece! The interstate was closed for 8 hours as it was locked onto the support platforms. ONE problem!!! No exit off ramp for visitors to get to it! Oops! There is now a by-road to grant access. Don't think this project got listed on somebody's resume.

Our travel companions are really, really cold, but sure look cute in their coats! Although it is hard to tell who is colder... dogs or Kathleen!! John bought a heating pad to put under their bed and they snuggle very close together at night. No jealousy between Tinkerbell and Ginger...At night they are real snugglebunnies!
Supper tonight in Ogallala at the Front Street Steak House and Crystal Saloon was Nebraska beef - Rocky Mountain Oysters, Prime Rib and Rib Eye. Kathleen even tried the oysters.

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