Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fossil Butte, WY

Wow! Hard to believe this was ever a tropical paradise! We're here on a cloudy, very cool day.

Actually we are about the only people around. The Park Ranger was surprised when we walked in. It is worth the trip! The photo shows what the place looked like millions of years ago and what it was today. We took a short hike up the hill after our "picnic" lunch in the car, but the "kids" weren't too thrilled with it all. Oh, did we mention the mountain lion tracks in the snow?

The fossil photo is the fossil of a crocodile that lived here millions of years ago. And, it's scary even if it is only bones! The visitors' center had a lot of really interesting fossil finds of turtles, fish, etc. But, only 2 snake fossils have been found. (I liked that. Hate snakes!!)
The selections for shopping at the visitors' center were very limited; so John and I headed into town (pop. 400+) and a local fossil shop. Met up with a nice, knowledgeable man (George) who loves what he does! We spent a looonnng time there and bought us our Christmas present. And promised each other we will be back next year to go fossil digging with George. It is so awesome!! As George says, you know when you find you are the first/only person to see it and that there is no duplicate anywhere. Each fossil is one of a kind!
See you next year, Wyoming!!! Onto Utah!!! And hopefully a lot less wind.... 50mph during the night!

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