Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sparks, NV

We're in Sparks visiting Ned and Heather. John has met their menagarie (Yeager the dog, Nefrititi the black cat and Tigger, the yellow cat aka Devil Cat). We all had dinner together last night and will meet Heather for lunch today. Indian! Yeah, haven't had that since we left CA. Since it is a very busy work period for both Ned and Heather, we'll just hang out daytimes and then join up with them in the evening. Saturday we plan to drive to Lake Tahoe.

I have grown increasingly frustrated with trying to do photos for this blog. It takes forever to get them where I want them only to publish and have them nowhere near where Preview says they'll be placed. So I will not be trying to be artistic anymore. Maybe I'll get caught up with the posts. Trying to touch up the photos, frame them and then post them is WORK! That's a 4-letter word we don't use anymore!


  1. Don't worry if the pictures aren't perfect, they are still great to see! Don't stop

  2. Good job! Your blog is really coming along. A lot has changed since we saw you guys in Harrisburg.

    I agree-- the photos isn't the most helpful. Speaking of helpful, I have had a lot of questions answered by going to: Chris is great.

    We are still aiming to put the house on the market in April and see what happens.

    Randy and Pam