Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Visiting in Northern CA

After a beautiful trip over the Sierras from Nevada into California, we are spending this Thanksgiving week with John's son Chris and his family.

Today John went to school with grandson Rennie and we both went to "lunch" at Tess' pre-school. John told Rennie's class about being at his grandparents' in Texas and catching fireflies in a jar at night. Other grandparents told about their jobs, etc.

At Tess' pre-school we were treated to a songfest... "Itsy Bitsey Spider", etc. There are a lot of different ethnic backgrounds at the school which made for an interesting buffet.

In between our visits with Chris, Kate and the 2 grandkids, we've hit Safeway and Trader Joe's. Tomorrow we start cooking. We're going the ham and several side dishes here while Chris and Kate do the turkey and the main dishes. Of course, we will have too much food. But, that's the holiday!

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